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Let's build products, together, with the world's best startups

Imagine a world where we get to pick the brands we believe in, working alongside their team to establish a seamless integration. Where trust, contribution and quality are at the core of our values.

Why Kilo

At Kilo, we hold a common goal, where everyone owns executive level decision, regardless of position. We teach and learn from each other everyday, with growth based on trust and relationships.

We make you better

Not only are we mindful of the projects we select, we get to build with meaning, to ensure we deliver our best.

    • Marketing
      deeper understanding of your customers
    • Consumer insights
      measures key metrics to drive business
    • Retail
      make the most impact on your business
    • Lead generation
      build killer lead gen strategies
    • Analytics
      predictive analytics that work for you
    • Sales
      meaningful and lasting customer relationships
    • Processing
      formulate complex treatment or processes
    • Cultivation
      desire to grow and refine improvement
    • Seed cloning
      propagating genetic information to scale

Building our future

We engage with exceptional clients to fund our own ideas. Displaying our core beliefs through the development of our own products. We call this Kilo Labs.


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If you have the devotion, the curiosity and the desire to build great things, let's change the world together.